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Common Questions

How Easy is it to switch?
It's even easier than you think. Just take a few moments to enter your account information on our site or speak with one of our enrollment specialists, and we'll take care of the rest.
Who is responsible for my service?
You'll notice your new low supply rate with North American Power. Your utility will continue to service your energy lines, deliver your energy, and respond to any emergencies, just as they always have.
What happens after the introductory rate?
North American Power offers a monthly variable, market-based product, which means that we buy electricity every day on the open market and use that price to set our rate. Your rate can vary each month based on the market rate and other factors. Your rate may be higher or lower than the utility and we cannot guarantee monthly savings. You are free to cancel at any time as there are no cancellation fees so it's in our best interest to offer the most competitive rate to keep you as a customer.
Is there any cost to enroll?
North American Power does not charge any fee to enroll.
Who do I pay?
Depending on your meter read date, it may take 1-2 billing cycles before you begin to receive North American Power's supply rate.

rates & plans

With multiple energy choice programs offered across the country, millions of Americans can now choose who supplies their energy. North American Power could help you manage your costs with a selection of energy solutions, so you feel confident with the plan that meets your family's needs.

To get started, locate your current energy bill and use the information below to find out if North American Power is right for you.

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