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Understandabill Insights on your mobile phone
Understandabill Insights on your mobile phone

Introducing Understandabill™

Understandabill is a revolutionary new home energy report that delivers easy-to-understand data regarding how we estimate you'll likely use electricity, along with customized energy saving tips that could help you use less.

We developed Understandabill alongside data scientists - transforming highly technical details into one brilliantly simple report.

Each Understandabill™ report includes:

  • Understandabill Usage Graph

    Usage Comparisons & Forecasts

    Say goodbye to surprises on your bill. Using seasonal factors such as weather, along with your historical usage, we provide an estimate of how much electricity you'll use in your upcoming billing period. We'll also compare your energy use between past and current bills.

  • Understandabill Usage Pie Chart

    Electricity Usage Breakdown

    No more mystery around how your home uses energy. For the first time, understand how appliances and devices in your home may contribute to your total electricity use during your next billing period.

  • Recommendations for your home

    Personalized Recommendations

    Anyone can offer generic energy saving tips – but Understandabill offers recommendations that are actually tailored to your home and habits so that you learn how much you could save by reducing your electricity usage.

  • North Amercian Power Rates on your tablet

    How it works:

    Select your electricity supply plan

    Choose the low, stable North American Power electricity plan of your choice, and enroll online or over the phone in just minutes.


  • Tell us about your home

    Once enrolled, complete our 60-second survey and we'll analyze your results along with over 300+ data points on your home, weather patterns, regional averages, electricity costs and more.


    Survey about your home's energy use
  • North Amercian Power Rates on your tablet

    Get your Understandabill™

    monthly reports

    Voila! Each Understandabill report includes personalized insights to help you more easily understand your energy costs and how you can use less in one colorful report. We help make sense of your confusing electricity bill so you can spend more time on what's important!


We supply. They deliver. You win.

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