Connecticut is the southernmost state in New England, and is considered part of the Tri-State area/NY Metro Area. With numerous hedge fund and corporate headquarters in the southwest, and rural farmland communities to the north and east, few states exhibit this varied disparity in such confined geographic territory.

Founded by Dutch settlers migrating south from Massachusetts Colony, Connecticut originally had two state capitols – Hartford and New Haven – and played a prominent role in the Revolutionary War. Serving as the Continental Army's major supplier, Connecticut became one of the most industrialized in the nation, where years later both the submarine and helicopter were invented.

With households divided between only two major local distribution companies, North American Power is one of the most recognized independent electricity suppliers in Connecticut.

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Connecticut Energy Facts

  • Connecticut is second only to Massachusetts in New England in committing demand resources (electricity use that can be turned off during periods of peak demand) to the New England grid. 
  • In 2015, 46% of Connecticut’s net electricity generation came from the 2,079-megawatt Millstone nuclear station.
  • One of the nation’s two Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve sites, which are intended to avert disruptions in the supply of home heating oil, is located in Groton, Connecticut.
  • Connecticut's renewable portfolio standard sets a goal of obtaining 23% of the state's electricity from renewable energy resources by 2020, plus another 4% from conservation and energy from industrial heat. In 2014, 3.5% of Connecticut's net electricity generation came from renewable energy. 


About Energy Choice in Connecticut

Residents and businesses in most areas of Connecticut have had electric energy choice since 1998! If you live in Connecticut and currently buy your home’s electricity supply from Eversource or United Illuminating directly, you may be able to save on your monthly electricity costs by switching to a new home energy supplier, like North American Power. See if you can save>

How Energy Choice Works in Connecticut?

Your home electric bill consists of two parts – delivery service and energy supply.  Delivery service is the poles and wires that bring electricity to your home. The energy supply portion of your bill is for the electricity you use in your home.  Who supplies that energy is up to you, the customer.  While each utility’s home electric bill is different, about half of the total bill is for delivery and the rest is for the electricity you use. 

Thanks to energy deregulation consumers can switch from their utility to a retail energy supplier, like North American Power that is buying electricity on the wholesale energy market.

Choosing us means you can be informed about how much you’re paying for electricity, not just settling for the rate your electric utility is offering you. Just like you shop around for the best cable or mobile service plan, you can shop around for your home’s electric supply!

Don’t worry, no matter who you choose to supply your energy, your Connecticut electric utility company, either Eversource or United Illuminating, is still responsible for maintaining the electric grid, delivering electricity to homes and handling all service and outage problems.

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Why Choose North American Power

We make switching easy and hassle-free! With an online sign-up and renewal experience that takes minutes, a knowledgeable customer care team that doesn't leave you hanging (or holding), and communications that don't require a special decoder ring, being a North American Power customer is an easy choice.

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