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Originally a part of colonial New Netherlands (present day New York), New Jersey was organized as an English colony after the Revolutionary surrender of the territory by the Dutch in 1664. Part of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, New Jersey is at the geographic epicenter of the East Coast Megalopolis, encompassing the area from Baltimore/Washington DC, all the way north to Boston. With heavy industrial and commercial development in the north, vast farmland to the south, and ocean-beaches along the coast, New Jersey’s topography is as diverse as its population; 11th largest overall, the most dense in the US.

To serve New Jersey’s humid summers and chilly winters, North American Power offers homeowners both electricity and natural gas supply services, with a range of fixed-rate plans to choose from.

We love serving the great state of New Jersey . . .

New Jersey Energy Facts

  • New Jersey averaged the 10th-highest electricity prices in the nation in 2015.
  • New Jersey’s Oyster Creek nuclear reactor, which is the oldest operating nuclear power plant in the United States, began operation in 1969 and is scheduled to shut down in 2019.
  • New Jersey has adopted a renewable portfolio standard that will require nearly one-fourth of net electricity sales to come from renewable energy resources by 2021.
  • In 2015, for the first time, natural gas generated more electricity in New Jersey than nuclear power did. Together, the two fuels provided more than nine-tenths of the state's net electricity generation.


About Energy Choice in New Jersey

Residents and businesses in most areas of New Jersey have had energy and choice since 1999! If you live in New Jersey and currently buy your home’s electric and natural gas energy supply from Atlantic City Electric, JCPL, PSEG, Rockland Electric, New Jersey Natural Gas, PSEG Gas or South Jersey Gas directly, you may be able to save on your monthly electric or natural gas costs by switching to a new home energy supplier, like North American Power. See if you can save>

How Energy Choice Works in New Jersey?

Your home utility bill consists of two parts – delivery service and energy supply.  Delivery service is the poles and wires that bring electricity to your home. The energy supply portion of your bill is for the electricity or natural gas you use in your home.  Who supplies that energy is up to you, the customer.  While each utility’s home electric or natural gas bill is different, about half of the total bill is for delivery and the rest is for the electricity you use. 

Thanks to energy deregulation consumers can switch from their utility to a retail energy supplier, like North American Power that is buying electricity and natural gas on the wholesale energy market.

Choosing us means you can be informed about how much you’re paying for electricity and natural gas, not just settling for the rate your energy utility is offering you. Just like you shop around for the best cable provider or mobile service plan, you can shop around for your home’s electric supply!

Don’t worry, no matter who you choose to supply your energy, your New Jersey electric or natural gas utility company is still responsible for maintaining the electric grid or gas lines, delivering electricity or natural gas to homes and handling all service and outage problems.

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Why Choose North American Power

We make switching easy and hassle-free! With an online sign-up and renewal experience that takes minutes, a knowledgeable customer care team that doesn't leave you hanging (or holding), and communications that don't require a special decoder ring, being a North American Power customer is an easy choice.

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