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Fall Energy Saving Tips!
Aug 30, 2017

Summer was great, but nothing beats the fall!  The leaves are changing, pumpkin flavored everything, apple picking, and cooler weather is right around the corner. We gathered some helpful tips that might help you cut back on your energy usage.

  • Heating system check-up. This fall season we suggest you get a heating system maintenance check. This helps determine if your system is up to snuff or if any repairs will be required to ensure your system is running efficiently.
  • Goodbye air leaks. By sealing air leaks around your home, you could save between 10%- 20% in energy usage, especially when you seal leaks around your windows! So, go buy some caulk today.
  • Adjust your thermostat. Before going to bed, turn down your thermostat by 10 degrees and turn it back up in the morning. This small change can save around 10% on your heating bill.
  • Check the insulation around your home. Prepare for the cooler fall temperatures by checking your home’s insulation. Properly installed insulation will help reduce wasted energy and the cost of heating your home.

General tips are taken from the below sources and are not independently verified by North American Power. Dollar and usage savings are estimates and are based on, but not limited to the following: home profile information, performance assumptions, third-party resources, and the average regional cost for electricity. Savings are not guaranteed, are subject to change, and may vary.



Ashley Leach

Ashley Leach is a freelance writer and digital content marketer with a background in journalism, digital reporting, and marketing for numerous industries. She's found her perfect fit at North American Power in writing about home maintenance and repairs, energy efficiency, and smart home technology.