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National Cut Back on Energy Day!
Jan 10, 2017

At North American Power, we offer so much more than just your energy supply rate. We’re working hard to bring you more perks as a North American Power customer! Just in time for National Cut Your Energy Costs Day! Here are 4 tips to help you save energy!

North American Power Tip - Seal Air Leaks

The typical family spends about $350 a year on air that leaks into or out of the house.


North American Power Tip - Switch to LED bulbs

They use less energy than incandescent bulbs & last as much as 25 times longer!


North American Power Tip - Unplug Energy Vampires

That includes: Cell phone chargers, video game consoles, & coffee makers to name a few!


North American Power Tip - Enroll with North American Power!

We’ll also throw in a $100 gift card to select participating retailers of your choice!
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North American Power Tip - Enjoy our free home energy report

Switch to North American Power to enjoy our free home energy report!
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Ashley Leach

Ashley Leach is a freelance writer and digital content marketer with a background in journalism, digital reporting, and marketing for numerous industries. She's found her perfect fit at North American Power in writing about home maintenance and repairs, energy efficiency, and smart home technology.