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This or That Thursday: Toaster, or Toaster Oven?
Mar 30, 2017

You need to make four pieces of toast – should you fire up the two-slice toaster and make 2 batches, or slap four pieces of bread in the toaster oven instead?

Let’s look at wattage.

Toaster = 1100 Wattage < Toaster Oven= 1200 Wattage     

The toaster oven costs less to run, but you might be able to edge out on time if it browns quickly and you beat the time needed for two rounds of toast in the toaster.

Conclusion: Put the rack right up under the element in the toaster oven and see if you can shave a minute off your toast making time! BUT, don’t look away or you could be eating charred toast for breakfast.



Ashley Leach

Ashley Leach is a freelance writer and digital content marketer with a background in journalism, digital reporting, and marketing for numerous industries. She's found her perfect fit at North American Power in writing about home maintenance and repairs, energy efficiency, and smart home technology.